Why Strength Training is AMAZING and How I Got Into It

Today I’m in the mood to write about something totally non-pandemic related. It’s nice to document thoughts and feelings on COVID-19 and how it’s affecting our lives, but sometimes I just want to forget it about it and focus on something I really find fun and enjoy: exercise and specifically, STRENGTH TRAINING! Anyone who knows me well probably knows that I…

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Kids, Weekends

Weekend Misc. and the Great Bedroom Shake Up

Oof. It is the weekend, but instead of feeling refreshed and ready to relax, this morning I feel a little bit like someone who was shipwrecked, had to swim 3 miles to shore, drag himself onto the beach and then realized he still had to build a fort out of banana tree leaves and try to start a campfire.  I…

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COVID, Nurse stuff

Nursing World: Funny Dreams and….COVID anxiety?

 I just have to share this funny dream (nightmare?) I had the other night. Any nursing friends reading this should especially appreciate it. 😉  A photo from one of my last days as an inpatient nurse!!  In my dream, I was back working on the inpatient unit I spent most of my career on. I could vividly see the unit,…

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